The March Miscellaneous Mischief

Code, Books, and Squirrels

Welcome to March 2022! I don't have a particularly substantial update or review this month, but thought I would point a few things out. First is several PixelatedArcade code updates have been pushed live; some changes you won't notice as it's mostly backend administrative stuff, but I did finally enable sorting on game lists! It's a pretty basic feature and embarrassing it took this long to get in place. I've actually had the code in place for a while but not enabled due to some really poor performance; I finally resolved the performance issues so it's available now.

Also, if you're unaware, designer and programmer Warren Davis of Q*bert fame just released a book, Creating Q*bert. I just received my copy not very long ago and can't wait to read it which I'll be starting this coming weekend! If you're into classic gaming, I suspect this is something you'll want to check out...

Warren Davis Creating Q*bert book cover

And finally...the squirrels. Not gaming related but these characters keep me busy; initially it was an all out battle royale to keep them off the bird feeders, and after success with that mission I thought I would give them some walnuts for old times sake. After a while, the little dish the nuts were in kept disappearing and I finally caught the culprit! (BTW, the noise you hear in the video is a water fountain...you can pretty much ignore the sound for this video. And that mess in the background? I didn't catch them in the act, but I'm pretty sure the squirrels are responsible!)

After a hard days work of gathering walnuts and attempting to gather the bird food, a few games are necessary; here's our squirrel friends taking in a little entertainment...
Squirrely's Arcade

Enjoy, and until next time, take care!