Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

Platforms: Arcade


Main Genre:
Bird's-eye view


Platform: Arcade
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Credits
Lead Programmer: Steven Bennetts
3D Programmer: Nathan Pooley
Art Director: Steve Caterson
Lead 3D Artist: Don Livingston
3D Artists: Chris Sutton, Paul Haskins, Stig Asmussen, Rhizaldi Bugawan, Kenneth Tan, Takeshi Hasegawa
Character Animation: Takeshi Hasegawa, Paul Metcalfe
Game Design: Mike Hally, Kenneth J. Holm
Music and Sound Design: John Paul, Joe Lyford
Producer: Mike Hally
Executive Producer: Mark Stephen Pierce
Special Thanks
Technician: Paul Vernon
Additional Programming: Bruce Rogers, Dave Shepperd, Mike Albaugh
Marketing Support: Ray Bersabe, Richard Peltier
Japanese Translation: Hiroko Koike
Hardware Design: Steve Correll, Mike Place, Andrew Dyer
Hardware Support: Pete Mokris, Steve Norris, Gregg Piotrowski, Jeff Peters
Production Support: Don Thomas, Brad Moldofsky, Jeff Peters, Rick Martine, Mark Weyna
Industrial Design: Dave Cook
Cabinet Art: Taaron Silverstein
Regulatory Testing: Rick Meyette
Documentation Control: Evelyn Perez
High Res Models FMV: Viewpoint Data Labs
Additional Music and Sound: Michael Henry, Barry Kiah, Don Diekneite
Voice Talent: Douglas Lawrence
Game Testing
Lead Tester: Charles Ybarra, Marvin Hale
Test Manager: Mike Kruse
Tester: Frederic Mora, Larry Cadelina, Mario Guevara, Trenton Lewis, Pele Gaoteote


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